Tehillim on Klaf Tefilah

תהילים על קלף תפילה

Tehillim Monday's - Thursday's, 12:00 pm EST, N.Y. time zone.

 At Kever Dovid  &  The Kotel HaMarvari   
The Western Wall

Tehillim on Klaf Tefilah will have the entire Sefer Tehillim On Klaf recited,  by  Talmidei  Chachamim  – Torah Scholars at Kever Dovid and The Kotel HaMaravi.

To submit a name for this Tehillim-Tefilah,  click  Submit Prayer or call 718 306 4560.

Uniting Klal Yisroel

Los Angeles
9:00 AM

5:00 PM

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7:00 PM

South Africa
6:00 PM

Our Mission Statement

".ובודאי תפלה מתוך ספר שנכתב כדינו בקדושה רצויי׳ ומקובלת ביותר..."

...קריינא דאגרתא - הרה"ג ר׳ יעקב ישראל קניבסקי, ה'סטייפלר -

Tehillim on Klaf Tefilah will recite Tehillim from an authentic handwritten scroll written by a Sofer Mumcha, as was the practice in biblical times of Dovid Hamleach.

 Tehillim will be read from a Klaf, led by Talmidei Chachomim, Guest Rabbonim.

All can join in person or through livestream or by phone in usa 727  731 6762, Israel 053  542 9754, UK London 3307772434, Paris 75500890, South Africa 87 8250934, Australia 75 6606012, Antwerp 0480201014, Zurich 0435507098, Amsterdam 097055001844, Vienna 012650586, Panama 507 8337458, Brazil 11 953250517.  pin# for calls from out side USA   8035921#  

 Cholim around the world can take part in saying or hearing the words of  Tehillim, connecting  with  Tehillim Monday-Thursday at the same time.

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 Tehillim from a Klaf  Monday’s through Thursday’s, at 12:00 PM EDT

Our Livestream and by phone Tehillim will resume after succos on Thursday Erev Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan October 12

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